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Inside Promotional Product Shots

It has been quite a roller coaster in 2023, we have been taking bigger projects and not just individual shoots. One of our greatest achievements and crossing something off our bucket list was being able to take professional photos for a cosmetics brand. In March of 2023 I started to work as a photographer for Bold and Luscious Cosmetics based out of Raleigh. North Carolina. The brand was created by Hip Hop Recording Artist Venomiss who has taken the world. by a storm with her fast paced bars and lyrical punches. The brand's mission is to elevate their clientele's women of all sizes, shapes, color's to feel comfortable with themselves to be the best person they can be.

Over the last few months I have learned that not everyone can be a model for everything. The recruitment process was difficult as for each shoot we had four models set and due to circumstances beyond our control we ended up with two, and although it was two each session we have had such amazing results.

Each model brought out the best of the brand I loved the spring shoot because the models adapted to the fun playful side of the brand with the flowers and the candy, but the summer also brought the same vibes but with a twist when the Neon lights came on they brought a more mature transformed version of themselves. It was beautiful comparing and looking through the differences between each shoot.

Things I have learned about promotional photography:

- Things must be planned months in advance - Have your supplies in advance

- Shoot to edit, know how you want your settings so the editing process can be effortless. - Use proper lighting, you want the perfect light for the perfect vision.

- Don't be afraid to do your research and practice.

- Have fun with it, let your mind picture what your consumer wants.

Check out one of our content sessions from our spring session.

Check out Bold and Luscious here

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