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Inside the Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival

Better late than never, but with us continuing the celebration of Puerto Rican Heritage
if you didn't check out our previous post from the International Puerto Rican Day Parade check it out on our blog here. It was an honour to be media for the event honouring longtime actress Rosie Perez known for her roles in Do The Right Thing , White Man Can't Jump, and the more recent Bird's of Prey . She choreographed videos for the likes of Janet Jackson, Bobby Brown and LL Cool J to name a few. Being born of Puerto Rican decent she overcame adversities of the foster system, growing up in Queens to rise as one of the most prominent figures in today's industry.

In addition to her receiving a lifetime achievement award by. IPRFF founder Veronica Caicedo there was a special viewing of the film Mixtape by Jurutungo Films . The film was very interesting to see and it relates so much to how the power of messages by the media we have whether it is audio or social media. Following the film there was a Q&A with the director of the film .

See below for photos

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