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The Woman Behind the Camera

Welcome to the World of Katie Kay Photography: For Katie Photography became the light that was at the end of a dark tunnel. Coming from a long line of talented women and survivors. Ekaterini or known as Katie Kay is a product of strong independent women. Her grandmother the matriarch of her family and her namesake was a dressmaker in the small island of Keffalonia Greece, with little education her grandmother learned to make dresses and sell them throughout the village. Her mother now in the medical profession spent the most of her teenage life and early adult life making vases and conducting beautiful needle points. 

Growing up in the heart of Queens, Astoria NY Kay was interested in the world of art and she did not know if she had possessed the same artistic talent her mother and while searching she found comfort in the company of photography. Starting from learning to shoot with disposable camera's she worked her way to using digital cameras and finally DSLR. At the age of 16 her uncle bought her her first camera and she wanted to do whatever she could to make him proud.

 Photography was known to be a light at the end of a dark tunnel. A victim of circumstance, loss, and domestic abuse she took her experiences and the anger of the three and put the energy in her work. After her loosing her uncle at the age of 17 , she was a victim of sexual abuse from her brother's best friend and used her love for photography to channel her anger in a world she felt was not safe in. 

After years of shooting with her digital camera, she took a photography course at her alma mater Iona College, and she realized that this was her calling despite the negativity her professor and others had posed upon her. On the eve of her 21st birthday her sister gifted her with the funds to purchase her first DSLR and from there she worked in the top nightclubs in NYC including Copa Cabana, Silhouette , Cliff NY , and more. Her photography credits include Gilberto Santa Rosa, DJ Self, Bachata Heightz , Anthony Santos, Erika Mena , Safaree , Mickey Factz and more. She has also been credited in BossCodeMagazine, The Weeknd Magazine, Innervibrations Magazine, BossedupMagazine and other publications. 

After deciding working in the nightclub industry was not the route of photography that she wanted to pursue she worked and started ventures in other areas of photography. Also giving her a outlet in which changed her life forever. In October of 2016 she was offered a position at WVMR New York in which she would host her own talk show every Monday Night giving artists a chance to build their brand and get their name out. Thinking about that it was her time to use her photography to help others. With the radio she was able to hold studio shoots and build her craft and love of studio photography and help others build their brands up. With the curation of her show Monday Night Rawrr in April 2017 Kay decided to work on her masters in order to tie in the love of photography and helping others succeed. She is currently pursing public relations at Southern New Hampshire University in which she will be using Public Relations and Branding to help others brand themselves and provide photoshoots to small businesses and artists who can not fend for themselves. With that she currently works alongside Live Johnson and Niko Tesla to show that this is possible. 

Despite the amount of work faced in front of her, and the obstacles she has overcome she has always stayed true to her love of photography.  Katie Kay Photography will be the center of her life , the thing that keeps her breathing. 


Katie Kay Photography is a company that does not judge on anything, we shoot for any occasion: private events, public affairs, photoshoots, holidays, nightclubs etc. We never discriminate on anything you would prefer to do for your shoot. But our main goal is to make sure that whatever it is that you need that we capture each and every important moment of it. 

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