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NWO Season 3 Shoot

With Season 3 of NWO News approaching us next Tuesday it made more sense that we post a little bit about our shoot with the larger than life cast. I met Sparrow after many interactions online and he hired me for a shoot for his other brand Signature Series Arts and their PG-13 Concert. Since then no matter the call our team has done the best we can to keep the working relationship going. What many people don’t know about Sparrow A little respect and support goes a long way. So on that note everyone better go follow Sparrow on Instagram @nwosparrow and tune into the show here

Team Katie Kay Photography had the honor and privilege to do both the photoshoot and the interviews gearing up to the third season of the web series. It was six hours of laughter and vibes as we got to learn about everyone while we shoot.

Its amazing to see what was done with our work see below. Also check out our favorite shots from the shoot.

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